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You should be always wearing Safety Shoes in industrial and construction worksites. Safety Shoes are expected to provide not just protection but in inclusion comfort to worker’s feet. Best suited safety shoes will have an effect on to their protection as well as their productivity.

Choose the Comfortable and Best Suited Protective Shoes.

Shoes Care We Recommend

  • Reinforced area for extra safety
  • No slip-on style use
  • “Cement, chemical, Silica, Dirt, Mud, Acid, Alkali” etc. Deposited on the natural leather damage, Open-up the moulding.
  • Try not to hit the shoes on hard-surface
  • Do not soak the shoe in water
  • Periodic cleaning will give maximum comfort and long life.
  • Always keep the INSOLE clean and dry

Safety shoes should feature: anti-static, slip-resistant soles and should offer top quality and function in regards to grip, cushion and weight. They should be made from durable materials and be resistant to tears, abrasions and scuffs.

There are many models of Shoe Types: Low Ankle, High Ankle, Rigger Boot, Executive etc and Category Wise: Labour-Eco, Waterproof, Welders Shoe, Foremen, ENG & SUPR, Managers etc.

German-Gulf offers Safety shoes from the Brands -Caterpillar, Pit Bull, Frontier, Titan etc designed to protect you against these hazards while providing comfort and style. Our product portfolio consists of a variety of Personal Protective Equipment – Road Safety Supplies, Safety Glasses, Gloves, Protective Clothing, Ear Protection, Safety Shoes etc.

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