KEMPPI X8 MIG Welder – Extreme Industrial Welding Redefined –

It’s time for X8 MIG Welder. With new technology, Kemppi, the pioneering company within the welding industry will redefine performance, usability and welding management in demanding industrial MIG/MAG welding.

The future of Welding is with X8 MIG Welder – The most advanced multi-process welding equipment in the market. The X8 MIG Welder intelligent equipment provides you with extremely precise control of the arc, high-duty performance up to 600 A, fast and easy to change system and welding settings, to adjust and to control welding values, and view WPS content.



The Key Applications of X8 MIG Welder are Oil Rigs, Process Pipelines, Pressure Vessels and Boilers.

Benefits of X8 MIG Welder

  • Digital WPS feature allows the welder to quickly and easily access the WPSs
  • Innovatively designed wire feeder ensures safe and ergonomic loading of filler wire spool
  • Well-balanced welding guns with an ergonomic handle design make welding more comfortable and productive
  • Wire feeder and welding gun lighting enable working in dimly lit conditions
  • Tool-free coolant filling with an integrated cooling unit
  • Best arc characteristics for high speed and aluminum (WiseFusion), narrow gap ( RGT), root pass ( WiseRoot+), thin sheet ( WiseThin+) and low spatter welding in globular transfer mode ( WiseSteel)
  • Includes a fleet management service free of charge
  • Native connectivity to WeldEye software modules Welding Procedure and Qualification Management, Welding Quality Management and Welding Production Analysis

X8 MIG Welder Control Pad

The Control Pad is a wireless user interface for the X8. The most advanced, yet practical user interface for setting and adjusting parameters, control welding, and viewing WPS details.

Kemppi X8 MIG Welder is engineered to meet even the most extreme expectations of industrial welding. Get ready to redefine welding performance, usability and management with X8 MIG Welder.

German-Gulf Enterprises Ltd, the authorized distributor of  Kemppi Welding Machines in UAE, Oman and Qatar.

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