Benefits of Choosing HYDAC Filters for Filtration & Flushing of Hydraulic Systems

HYDAC Filter offers a complete range of filters for liquid and gaseous media.

HYDAC filter technology, accumulator technology, cooling and electronics product range are rounded off by the Accessories area, including ball valves, pipe clamps and accumulator clamps, to name a few.

HYDAC filters have the highest quality standards, backed by modern machinery and a large production capacity. The technology is based on intensive basic research, technical problem solving, specific customer requirements, and international standardization.

German-Gulf caters and offers a structured and comprehensive service programme which contributes significantly to increase the service life of hydraulic installations, lubrication systems and electro-hydraulic monitoring and control systems through correct maintenance and inspection.

Hydac Filters

German Gulf service is not only on call for fault rectification but also investigates and eliminates their causes. We also supply the necessary equipment for carrying out the inspection and maintenance of hydraulic installations. In-depth, consultation is also available.

We offer from Hydac a comprehensive range of easy to use measurement and analysis equipment for contamination analysis.

Flushing units of various capacities are available at short notice.

HYDAC offers the perfect solution for every fluid being filtered and for every type and pore size of contamination

  • AutoFilt® RF3
  • AutoFilt® RF10
  • AutoFilt® RF14

Benefits of Original Hydac Filter Elements

  • Greater System Availability from reliable filtration
  • Long element service life through highest dirt holding capacities
  • Higher operational dependability through outstanding cleanliness classes
  • Reduce maintenance costs through longer replacement intervals
  • Lower disposal costs through weight reduction
  • Greater safety through high differential pressure stability
  • Securing of your spare parts business through customer logo and smart quality protection solution

HYDAC is guaranteed by continuous production control and systematic laboratory tests.

Many years of experience coupled with fast CAD design, supported by intensive research and testing, result in a market-orientated product range. Quality and safety guaranteed by consistent, clean room production. Every piece a quality product: NC controlled processing, semi and fully automatic manufacturing plant, strict controls, careful packaging, rapid dispatch.

German-Gulf Enterprises Ltd, the Authorized Distribution Partner of HYDAC Products in UAE.

For Enquiries and Further Information Contact:

Tel: +971 6 5314161  Fax: +971 6 5314128



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