Why German-Gulf any time & every time to satisfy your Equipment Rental needs?

In order to provide Value Added Equipment Solutions to customers in the Region, German-Gulf launched Plant Hire Division in 1975 with commencement of Equipment Rental Services.

Over the past 4 decades German-Gulf with High Quality Products & Services has established itself as the Preferred Equipment Rental Service Provider in the Region. In this exciting journey, German-Gulf has been associated with several prestigious and iconic projects like BurjKhalifa, Burj Al Arab, Dubai Metro, Dubai Airports, Dubai Canal, Emirates Towers, Palm Islands, Ferrari World, Falcon Islands, Dubai Solar Park and many more! These milestones and accomplishments would not have been possible without the support of customers, cutting across diverse sectors and industry segments.

At German-Gulf our philosophy has been always Customer First and with strong customer commitment and high quality deliverables, developed active and valuable partnership with all major industry segments. Currently, we cater to sectors like Building Construction, Landscaping & Theme Parks, Tunneling, Roads & Bridges, Project Construction, Pipeline, Oil & Gas, Marine & Waterways, Civic Utilities, Quarry & Mining, Utilities & Energy, Airports, Ports, Railways, Industrial Plants & many more!

Advantage with German-Gulf Equipment Rental Services!

  • Wide Range of Newer and Modern  Equipment
    • Excavators
    • Wheel Loaders
    • Backhoe Loaders
    • Supplementary Work-Tools, Attachments & More!!!
  • High Quality Fleet comprising of Safe and Well Maintained Reliable Equipment
  • Attractive Short Term Daily, Weekly and Monthly Rates
  • Customized Medium term & Long term Hire Options at Special Rates
  • Highly skilled, experienced and certified Machine Operators ensuring Superior Performance, High Precision Work, Greater Productivity and Jobsite Safety
  • Trained Rental Consultants & Application Specialists for jobsite application studies and equipment recommendations
  • Knowledgeable Service Technicians for quick trouble shooting, jobsite support and maximum uptime.
  • Integrated Plant Hire Office – Equipment Yard – Inspection & Repair Bay – Workshop – Parts Store
  • Company Owned Trucks & Trailers for timely deliveries and pick-ups
  • Robust Health, Safety & Environmental Practices
  • Professional Management & Knowledgeable Operations team

German-Gulf’s Plant Hire Division promises – well maintained, top quality equipment coupled with highly skilled operators for maximum output, optimum precision, right reliability, enhanced safety and value for money…

So next time you need any Equipment, look no further and contact German-Gulf to experience …..Innovative & Hassle Free Equipment Rental Services!

For enquiries and further information contact:

Tel: +971 6-5369782; Fax: +971 6-5369783

E-mail: planthire@german-gulf.com

World’s Best Made Deep Cycle Batteries – U.S. Battery

German-Gulf Enterprises Ltd collaborated with U.S. Battery ( World Leader in Deep Cycle Batteries) as authorized partner for Middle East Region to distribute and after sales service the products in the region.


“U.S. Battery, we pride ourselves on providing our customers and global partners with dependable products and reliable support information that will allow each end user to feel confident they’ve made the right choice when using any of our world-class deep cycle flooded lead acid and sealed AGM batteries.

With a history of excellence spanning from our humble beginnings in 1926 to the present, we feel confident that the data found within our website will further demonstrate the validity of the industry’s trust in our battery line.  We offer a variety of power solutions to a wide range of applications and industries all backed by a solid worldwide warranty.

We take pride in all of our American made deep cycle flooded lead acid batteries specifically designed for golf carts, floor cleaning machines, lift and access, marine, RV, solar power systems, as well as anywhere else high quality deep cycle batteries are used.”

U.S. Battery – Deep Cycle Battery

Our  Main Segments of U.S. Battery Applications

  • Golf course
  • Malls
  • Cleaning company
  • Scissor lift company
  • Municipality
  • Amusement Parks
  • Emirates Steel | Dubai
  • Big Government Institutions
  • Any other Entertainment

For more information on complete list of U.S. Battery Products,

E-mail: batteries@german-gulf.com cc: marketing@german-gulf.com or

Call: +971 6 5257373

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Bosch Industrial & Automotive Products – Germangulf.com

German Gulf is an Authorized Partner for BOSCH INDUSTRIAL  and AUTOMOTIVE Products.

For over 125 years, Bosch has offered its customers around the world the chance to partake in the future with the same innovation, quality, durability and innovation that can meet, cope and cater to the increasing demand of the trading and technology industry.

The brand ‘BOSCH – Invented For Life’ is proud to announce its collaboration with the Industrial Tools & Truck Spares Division in German-Gulf Enterprises Ltd with a variety .

Power Tools Measurment Tools Pressure Washer Automotive Truck Parts

Bosch Industrial  product line consist of Rotary Drills, Hammers, Grinders, Measurement Testing Tools, Pressure Washers, Garden Outdoor Tools and DIY Tools

Bosch Automotive product lines consist of  Alternator, Starter Motor, Injector, Revolving bulbs for all European Trucks ( Mercedes, MAN, Scania, Volvo, DAF and others.

For more information on complete list of Bosch Products and offering , Kindly Visit Our Showroom.

E-mail: industrial@german-gulf.com  cc:marketing@german-gulf.com

or Call Us: +971 6 5257373!


Milwaukee Power Tools – Product Range

Milwaukee Electric Tool corporation is an industry – leading manufacturer and marketer of heavy duty electric power tools and accessories for professionals worldwide. Since its founding 1924, Milwaukee has focused on a single vision “To produce best heavy duty electric power tools and accessories available to professional users”.

The name Milwaukee stands for the highest quality, most durable and reliable professional tools money can buy.

The various Product Range Tools are as below:

  • Hammers Chippers / Breakers
  • Hammers / Large Combi
  • Hammers/SDS-Plus
  • Diamond Drilling
  • Grinders/Polishers
  • Magnetic Drilling Equipment
  • Screwdrivers
  • Impact Wrenches
  • Drills/Percussion Drills
  • Dust Extraction Units
  • Sanders
  • Saws
  • Sawzall® Reciprocating Saws
  • Shears / Nibblers
  • Wall Chasers / Stone Saws
  • Woodworking
  • M12-Technology
  • M18-Technology
  • M28-Technology
  • M14-Technology
  • Test & Measurement
  • Others


  • Diamond Tools
  • Hole saws
  • Screw Drivers
  • Dust Absorption
  • Sawing
  • Workwear

For More Information, Get in touch with our Industrial Tools & Truck Spares Division to enquire about MILWAUKEE Power Tools – Cordless, Hand, Metal Working and Fastening Tools.

German-Gulf Enterprises Ltd is the authorized dealer of Milwaukee Power Tools in UAE.

Email: industrial@german-gulf.com

Call: +971 6 5257373

European Truck & Trailer Spare Parts – German-Gulf Enterprises Ltd

German-Gulf Enterprises Ltd, A Well-Known leader in market for On Road, Off Road equipments, With wide range of Stock, After Sales Service Centers and Showroom across MENA region UAE, OMAN & QATAR.

Our Association with long term partnership with the leading OEM suppliers from European, USA, Korean, Japanese, Chinese manufacturers.

Backed by a well-developed infrastructure and skills of a large pool of highly qualified professionals, German-Gulf has earned the trust of its customers with unmatched reliability, and its deep-rooted passion for customer care. Built on trust and long-term relationships and providing cost savings solution.

Our Spare parts range covers popular models of Mercedes (including Actros, Atego & Axor), Volvo, Scania, MAN, Renault, Iveco and DAF trucks and trailers such as BPW, ROR, SAF, York, etc. More than 50000 SKU line items covering from Engine, Transmission, Brake, Gear box, Steering, Cooling system, Chassis, Body Parts and Electricals are stocked to ensure ready availability.

Check out our Automechanika Dubai 2017 Pictures!

For More Information, Please Contact: spareparts@german-gulf.com

We can be reached at +971 6 5257373 or F: +971 5454552

SKF Centralized Lubrication Systems – Multipurpose Greases

SKF Centralized Lubrication System

SKF has been known as a leading global technology provider since 1907. SKF technology portfolio includes: bearings and units, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems. SKF lubrication systems provide proper, precise lubricant replenishment to all required points, enabling a range of benefits in the process:

Benefits :-

  • Significant savings in repair and spare costs
  • Increased machine reliability
  • Up to 50% savings in lubricant costs due to accurate timing and dosing of lubricants
  • Fewer shutdowns and production losses
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Greater workers’ safety

German-Gulf Enterprises Ltd is the official distributor of SKF Lubrication Systems, The professional partner of SKF for distribution of Centralized Lubrication Systems in UAE.

The industry’s most complete resource for knowledge-engineered lubrication solutions.

To find out more information on our product line of SKF – Centralized Lubrication Systems, Multi-Line Lubrication Systems, Multipurpose Greases connect with our ITS Division.

German-Gulf Enterprises Ltd.
P.O. Box 5937 | Sharjah | United Arab Emirates
E-mail: lubricants@german-gulf.com cc: marketing@german-gulf.com

UAE: +971 6 5257373 | +971 6 5314161
QATAR: +974 4 4981576
Website: www.germangulf.com

Tips For Choosing The Right Grease For Your Application

“What you should look in for a good grease”? German-Gulf Enterprises Ltd offers its expertise in helping you select the right grease for your application.
When selecting a grease, one must study the application, its operating conditions in which the grease will run. For a fuller understanding of what gets into a good lubricating oil – it is important for you to first concentrate on its elements, including the base oil type, thickener type and base oil viscosity.

Base Oil Viscosity

Base oil viscosity is one of the most significant attributes of any lubricants and is often left out and misunderstood when it comes to grease. The base oil viscosity for bearings can be estimated utilizing a formula that requires the focal ratio and dimensions of the bearing into consideration. It is decisive to understand a grease base oil viscosity in order to select the right grease for the application and conditions.

Base Oil Type

The base oil type is determined by the conditions in which the grease will perform, such as high and/or low temperatures, load and force per unit area. The load and pressure not only will influence the base oil type, but also the additive package (extreme pressure, anti-wear, etc.). While synthetic oils will be more dependable over a wider range of temperatures and conditions, mineral base oils can be applied if you have a more constant operating temperature.

Thickener Type

Most people believe the thickener is the lubricating part of the grease, but it actually is what carries the lubricant in place, like a sponge. A good thickener type will be compatible with the equipment manufacturer recommendations and will be able to defy the conditions under which it must do. There are many types of thickeners, but most are not compatible and should not be mixed.
There are many different types of applications and environments and just as many types and stains of grease to get along with these machines and conditions. Thus, a good grease will be the one that best works for you and your machinery.

For CRUSHERS and a variety of HEAVY EQUIPMENT, we recommend:

1. MOBIL Rarus

The Mobil Rarus™ 400 Series is a line of premium performance ashless air compressor lubricants designed to meet the stringent requirements of the major compressor manufacturers.

Approvals: DIN 51506 VD-L (1985-09)

The use of the Mobil Rarus 400 Series oils can result in cleaner compressors and lower deposits compared to conventional mineral oils, resulting in longer running periods between maintenance intervals. Their excellent oxidation and thermal stability safely allow extended life capability while controlling sludge and deposit formation.

2. MOBIL Coolant

Mobil Coolant ready mixed is a high performance coolant designed to provide efficient protection down to 36° C during winter condition. It is a ready to use product that has been premixed with 50% Mobil Antifreeze and 50% water.

Approvals: BS65801992

Mobil Coolant ready mixed contains mono ethylene glycol and helps to prevent winter freezing and summer overheating over a 2 years period. It also provides very good protection against corrosion.

Get in touch with our Industrial Tools & Truck Spares Division to connect with our expertise engineers who can assist you in picking the right grease. Did you know? German-Gulf Enterprises Ltd is the authorized distributor of MOBIL Lubricants in the UAE.
Get in touch with us today! We can be reached at +971 6 5257373 or F: +971 5454552. Our email address is lubricants@german-gulf.com

Danfoss Pressure Sensor Available for SIL 2 Applications

  • SIL 2 and PL d approved by TÜV
  •  Performs moisture and harness checks to detect moisture in the connector
  •  Checks electrical interference on the signal line with 4-20mA/20-4mA dual output for the entire loop
  •  Sealed transmitter and connector to prevent moisture ingress even in harshest environments
  • Compact in design to fit all applications (Hex22)
  •  Temperature range: -40 to +85°C
  • Pressure range: 10-2.000 ba

Facts about DST P92S:

  •  SIL 2 and PL d approved by TÜV
  •  Performs moisture and harness checks to detect moisture in the connector
  •  Checks electrical interference on the signal line with 4-20mA/20-4mA dual output for the entire loop
  •  Sealed transmitter and connector to prevent moisture ingress even in harshest environments
  • Compact in design to fit all applications (Hex22)
  •  Temperature range: -40 to +85°C
  • Pressure range: 10-2.000 ba
For More Product Details, Get in touch with our Hydraulics Division.
  •  You can reach us at Tel: +971 6 5314161 | Fax: +971 6 5314128
  • Or you can E-mail us at saleshyd@german-gulf.com | hydraulics@german-gulf.com


Bosch Makes Measurement Easier For Professionals

The GLM 30 Professional is only 10 x 4 centimeters in size and weighs approximately 100 grams. This makes it the most compact and lightest professional rangefinder made by Bosch. It fits in any pocket and can be conveniently transported to any work location.

To take account of the conditions on jobsites, it is also shock dust and splash protected. These features together with the one-button operation and the auto-sum function make the GLM 30 Professional a solid basic tool for quick efficient measurement. There is yet another advantage: the measuring accuracy and range of the instrument are certified in accordance with ISO standard 16331-1. This means that the specifications provided are based on defined parameters that are the same on all certified tools. This enables tradespeople to make an objective comparison of the measuring accuracy and range of certified laser rangefinders. The GLM 30 Professional laser rangefinder including protective case and batteries is available with the Industrial Tools & Truck Spares Division of German-Gulf Enterprises Ltd.

GLM 30 Professional

  • Measurement Range 0.15-30 m
  • Reference Edge / Start Of Measurement
  • Bottom edge of the instrument
  • Typical Measuring Accuracy ± 2 mm
  • Laser Diode / Laser Class
  • 635 nm, < 1 mW, Class 2
  • Power Supply
  • 2 x 1.5 LR03 (AAA) batteries,
  • alternatively 2 x 1.2 V HR03 (AAA)
  • batteries
  • Individual Measurements Per Battery  Lifetime Approx
  • 5,000
  • Dust And Splash Protection
  • IP 54
  • Dimensions (length / width / height)
  • 105 X 41 X 24 mm
  • Weight (including batteries)
  • 100 g