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ATLAS-COPCO - Air | Petrol | Diesel Compressors

Since 1873, Atlas Copco is said to be leading Industrial manufacturer of Air Compressor. Based on decades of experience Atlas copco machines are built for tough conditions for long term performance throughout project and beyond. Atlas Copco oil lubricated aluminum piston compressors are solid, robust and reliable. They are designed for professional applications where they offer trouble-free performance even under demanding circumstances. The Compressor tank is powder coated, giving it the best protection against damage and corrosion. This extends its lifetime. The heavy-duty air intake filter is built to work reliably in dusty conditions and offers long service intervals. All Atlas Copco models are built for easy maintenance. The oil, approved by Atlas Copco, is the guarantee for extended compressor lifetime. German Gulf Enterprises is the Authorized distributor for Atlas Copco Automan Compressor in UAE and Oman. Bosch_Hammer Drill img


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